FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions / Rules
  1. Do not advertise other marketplaces.
  2. Do not offer/accept any offers on how to complete the deals outside the marketplace.
  3. Do not offer/accept offers to use an outside escrow service.
  4. Be respectful to others. No flaming, which means no insults nor abuse.
  5. Do not create duplicate auctions. Multiple identical auctions aren't allowed.
  6. No child pornography.
  7. No beastiality.
  8. No firearms.
  9. No ammunition.
  10. No explosives.
  11. No poison.
  12. No living things, humans, animals, organs etc.
  13. No assassinations/contract killings.
  14. The staff has the final say on all the subjective matters and all the matters not listed in the rules.